A guide to buy a lot of clothes and never run out of budget

We all want to look classy and chic like the celebrities but nobody wants to make a hole in the pocket by buying expensive clothes. Instead of carrying it confidently, our entire focus will be on protecting them from the slightest stains or damage.  Well, if you’re a fashionista you can even make a t-shirt look fancy. You can always crisscross the pairs and give it a different look.  So here are few tips to fill your wardrobe with clothes that will fit in your budget.

Sales: Before every festival,  clothes are sold in half the price. They also keep sales before the year ends or end of every season. The clothes sold are usually theme based but if you take sometime and hunt all the sections, you will definitely get clothes of your choice. It’s far better than going for the same clothes in double the prize. Sometimes in few shops there is always a section where clothes are on sale. Like buy one and get one free or 40-50% off. Ask the salespersons about those section and keep your meandering eyes focused on that area. I can assure you, you will come back with plenty of good clothes without wasting your money.

Online shopping: Have you ever bought  clothes from a shop then checked that it was available in half the price on online shops? Well that’s a very common tragedy we all always face.  The world is moving towards digitalisation and online shops are giving a tough competition to shops. Online shops not just give you a variety of choices but they also suggest you how to style it up. Sometimes they sell clothes in sets which makes it easier for you to buy.  They even let you return it, if it doesn’t fit you well. So that takes away the major tension that what if it doesn’t fit me? Online shopping is a very budget friendly option anyday.


Wholesalers: Wholesalers are the ones who sell your clothes in a lot to the shops. Now these shops add extra price to the same clothes which they bought in half the price from the wholesalers . This helps them in earning profit but you can just cut through in between and directly purchase the clothes from the wholesaler. You can always Google and find out about the wholesalers and get clothes from there. Don’t worry, they never compromise with the quality. Infact online stores even use the same trick but still they increase the prize by some amount and charge you for delivery. You can completely avoid that by contacting the wholesalers directly. Adult clothing wholesalers, kids clothing wholesalers, accessories wholesalers, you have a number of options to choose from. So buying clothes from wholesalers is a great option.

Buying clothes in budget is very important especially for students. They want to look fashionable but not finish their pocket money at the same time. The above stated options are apt for everyone. It’s very convenient and hassle free. So next time when you buy clothes, consider these options.