Common Eyeshadow Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix It

Eyeshadow application can be so deceiving and intimidating. You might think applying eyeshadow is easy, but it isn’t a walk in the park. It is just not the same as swiping on your lipstick, and with dozens of palettes in the market and different YouTube tutorials, it even gets more overwhelming. However, when done right and with the best products, it can simply transform your drop-dead look to that gorge look.

Here are some common eyeshadow mistakes you probably have been making and ways to fix them;

Applying Eyeshadow After Foundation and Concealer

Applying your foundation and concealer before eyeshadow can create a huge mess. It’s a way of inviting loose powder that didn’t stay on your eyelids to stick onto your face and under your eyes. Imagine having to wipe off your makeup and starting the process all over again. It is frustrating, especially if you are in a rush.

All you have to do to fix this mistake is to apply your eyeshadow first. In case it makes its way onto your face, you can easily dust it off without having to worry about wasting your precious makeup. Remember also to use a concealer that’s two shades lighter to highlight your eyes even more.

Matching Eyeshadow with Eye Color

At some point, you are guilty of trying to match eyeshadow with the color of your eyes. You might think that doing this will complement your eyes, but this isn’t the case. The eyeshadow will instead overcast your iris, making your eyes appear dull instead of enhancing them. That’s why you need contrast to make your eyes stand out.

You can fix this by trying a purple based shadow if you have green eyes. For blue eyes, opt for brown shades. And, if your eyes are brown, then blue or grey based eyeshadows are what you should consider. Make sure that the shadow color you choose doesn’t overpower your iris.

Using Wrong Applicator Brush

Most eyeshadow palettes come with mini sponge applicators, which make it easy to apply when you’re on the go. However, using an applicator tip can provide a lot of pigments at once, which makes your eyeshadow look cakey. Using only an applicator brush won’t give you that flawlessly blended look you always desire.

With the wide variety of makeup brushes, investing in a separate eyeshadow brush is the real deal if you want to avoid frequent eyeshadow pitfalls. A good set of eyeshadow brushes allows you to add products and blend in smoothly as you go. If you are a beginner, a tapered flat brush and a fluffy blending brush is your starting point. With lots of affordable and fantastic brush kits out there, you have every reason to make that eyeshadow color pop.

Not Blending

Who doesn’t love the color of a contoured eye? Using more than one eyeshadow color gives your eyes that depth and structure resulting in a flawless look.  However, not blending correctly leaves harsh lines between each color, making your shadow look messy and undone. That’s why you should ditch that sponge tip applicator as it doesn’t make things better.

To stay away from creases and harsh lines, practice blending in gentle motions using a blending brush. To draw a defined shape first, you can use an eyeliner brush and then gradually blend it out. Your fingers also work great in blending cream shadows, so don’t shy away from using them.

Skipping Eye Primer

The biggest mistake you can do is failing to wear a prime first before applying eyeshadow. The starting point of any makeup application is prepping your working base first. You do not want your eyeshadow to crease and smudge down to your chin after only two hours. That’s why you need to invest in a good eyeshadow primer.

Not only will a primer moisturize your lids but also enable your shadow to stay on longer. It also stops loose powder from falling on your cheeks. You can also opt to use an eye cream in place of a primer. Avoid using foundation as a primer as it tends to stick to the crease in your eyelids, separating your shadow, which makes you look tired and unflattering.

Applying Too Much Product

It is so easy to go overboard with your eyeshadow. However, when you use so much of the product, you risk getting creases, harsher lines and also an uneven application. All this makes it harder to blend out your shadow. Chances of your eyeshadow falling out are high when you use an excess of it.

To fix this mistake, remember always to give your brush a tap to shake off any excess product. To apply, start with a small amount of the product and build up the color gradually.

Honorable Mention: Drugstore Eyeshadow

You do not have to break the bank when it comes to purchasing makeup products. There are varieties of drugstore eyeshadow palettes that are affordable and deliver a gorgeous eye makeup look. When in search of the best drugstore eyeshadow formulas, consider pigmentation, staying power, and their blending ability

NYX Ultimate is a creamy powder eyeshadow that has matte, shimmery, satin, and metallic finishes across palettes. It is PETA- certified cruelty-free and has bold color options in many of the palettes, including some neon shades. It doesn’t come with an applicator brush, hence the need for a separate brush.

Milani Everyday Eyes is an eyeshadow in powder form. This product has a great formula with vibrant and flattering palette options. It comes with a double-sided brush to help create dimension. It gives versatile palette options to contour and provides a complete look.

There are many different things in a makeup kit that you can also use as eyeshadow. Using a wet brush can help you create that sunset eyeshadow effect. A bronzer, on the other hand, can be used to generate that suntanned look.

With an idea of the most common eyeshadow mistakes and how to fix them, you can now create different popping eyeshadow looks without much hassle.

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