What is Hippie Chic and How Do Browns Live Up to The Style?

The hippie chic style is traceable to the historical hippie subculture when youths created a movement in the early 1960s in the United States. The chic hippie style then gradually began to gain precedence in the world of fashion. It started to draw fashion lines with a dose of hippie influence in style. The youths who started that movement did so as a way of showing their vibrant display of revolutionizing fashion such that they created a counter-culture hippie fashion or couture.

Gradually, the minds of designers began to open to a diverse redefinition of outfits and fashion as a whole. The hippie –era in the fashion world remains a remarkable one. It was the era that saw to the dictation of what to wear by ideas thought up by the youths themselves. During this period, prominent designers were forced to put their knowledge aside and relearn from the young people’s dreams and ideas. The youths during this period used their fashion sense to rebel against the various establishments made in a culture of drugs and sex. It was a period for the bold in the fashion industry. The era saw the existence and creation of five categories of the hippie-chic styles: the craft hippie, trippy, retro, ethnic, and fantasy hippies. Thus, one can say that the “hippie-chic” gave birth to harsh tones of fashion and modern styles that showed the non-willingness to continue in the materialistic culture of the past years.

Over the years, these styles have become a cultural norm in the fashion world. Most stores, both online and physical ones, are already receiving with open arms the classic and stylish patterns the hippie-chic influence brought into the fashion industry. Brown’s Fashion reviews also show how shopping online for these classy styles has become effortlessly possible. Over the years, the company invested in brands and designers with an aesthetic touch of the hippie- era. They are in the business of living up to this stylish influence and modernizing the styles to maintain its classy, sleek, and chic potentials or status in the fashion world as a whole. Here are some of the fashion styles and elements introduced to the fashion industry by the stylish hippie chic: –

Loose trousers and boots

  • Traditional fabric patterns in robes and kimonos
  • Flowing dresses made with natural fabrics
  • Colorful scarves are worn around the neck or used as belts
  • Garments are worn without corsets or bras
  • Large and dangling earrings
  • Patched clothes
  • Unmatched jewelry and multiple colored bangles
  • Vintage with handmade jewelry or accessories
  • Naturally flowy hair
  • Dresses in natural fabrics, tones, and color such as chiffon, leather, silk, beige, brown, cotton, linen, suede, amongst others
  • Combination of fitted and flowy clothes and patterns
  • Footwear made with natural fabrics, materials, and shades

The good thing about these styles is that over time, they have become advanced. What this means is that as generations and years went by, the hippie-chic styles had more sophistication, styles, classiness, and quality attached to them.